Letter From Raya


Dear Client and Friend,

My love for and belief in my profession has only grown stronger during the almost 50 years I’ve dedicated and worked in the skin care profession. Every day I experience the joy of witnessing positive changes in my client’s lives and careers, as well as their self-image, largely because of the effects of improved facial and body skin complexion.

The gratifying changes our clients experience are the result of many dedicated years in practice. I began my career in Russian in 1963, as a Registered Nurse in Dermatology and Cosmetology, where I spent 15 years performing skin care therapy. In 1979, my family and I emigrated to the United States, where I continued pursuing and developing quality skin care as a licensed aesthetician.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to grow with my clients and experience first hand, the efficacy of a complete skin care regimen. With the support of my husband, a former scientist and NASA engineer, and my children, who deeply involved in production and management, Raya Spa remains at the forefront of the skin care industry.

Skin Care and Cosmetics have been our life

As active members of national and international societies in the skin care of cosmetics development fields, we continually strive for the highest current standards in our profession. We attend conferences of the best cutting-edge science in dermatology, pharmacology, cosmetic chemistry, and other related sciences to stay ahead of the curve. Our Services and products have been acclaimed in extensive articles printed by the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. These publications, along with the praise of our own customers, attest to our hard work, expertise and enthusiasm-qualities proven to make our products and services distinct and effective.

The formula for our over 30 years of success at the same location in Los Angeles (we grew from a small 1 room salon to a 3 story 26 room Spa facility) is the culmination of highest quality services and products with unmatched prices (please compare). Our close affiliation with our parent cosmetic manufacturing company RAYA Laboratories, Inc., allows us to pass on substantial savings to our clients as well as the benefits of luxury, superior quality, professionalism and affordability.

The majority of our clients have been referred through “word of mouth” by satisfied clients, and their friends, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons. Our Clients come to us with a variety of different skin conditions such as: severe blemished skin, clogged pores, white heads and blackheads, excessive oiliness or excessive dryness, advanced aging process, withered skin, increased sensitivity, and allergic reactions to air pollutants or makeup.

Here at Raya, it is our goal to help re-balance and restore the skin to a normal condition that can be maintained on a regular basis. Usually, we recommend monthly facials combined with a consistent custom at-home regimen. These practices ar not only hygienic, but also prevent pre-mature aging-truly an investment in the future. Our face and body treatments involve a customized, individual approach to each client’s needs.

Each product we use is unique and stunningly effective to produce outstanding results. The techniques and products used in our skin care treatments are time-proven, based on traditional, scientific European practices, passed down from generations of skin care practitioners, therapists, and dermatologists. The synergy of our techniques, products, and equipment is designed for a lifetime of skin improvement and maintenance.

Raya Spa is open 7 days a week for your convenience. On behalf of myself and our thirty five employees here at the spa, I am delighted to have you as a client, and pleased to personally consult with you regarding all of your skin care needs.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. I hope that you will find it informative and insightful.

I Cordially invite you to visit our luxurious Day Spa facilities and enjoy our Skin Care Treatments and Products.

Warmest Regards,

Raya Taver,

of Raya Day Spa

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